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Harry Potter Valentine Pack - Gryff

Valentine's Day Special - $50

Why paper flowers you ask?  

Because real flowers die and don't come with bling...or words from Harry Potter!

Don't bother with the fresh flowers!

Give your Valentine a gift they'll cherish and that will last - a Harry Potter Inspired pack - and they'll think you're a genius!

These Harry Potter Inspired gifts cannot be found anywhere else other than Gift Shack, so your Valentine's gift will be totally original and as unique as the person you love.


1.  Gryffindor themed flowers - all handmade from the pages of a damaged or discarded Harry Potter book, embellished with gemstones and presented in one of our signature book folded vase.

*Note:  Flowers will be made from rescued book we have on hand, but if you would really like them made from a particular book in the series, please include your request in the Notes at check-out.

**Note:  Our book folded vases are made from other discarded/damaged books.  We do not use Harry Potter books for these as we like to save them for the flowers.

2.  A handmade Harry Potter Inspired wand - each one different to the other.  Remember, "the wand chooses the wizard" (Mr Ollivander)

*Note:  Wand will differ to the ones shown - but the impact will be the same.

3.  Frame - with a heart cut out of a Harry Potter book with the quote, "You are protected, in short, by your ability to love!"

*Note:  Page used will be different to the one shown and will depend on the book(s) we have on hand.

4.  Valentine message from your character of choice - Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron or Harry.

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